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Pure CBD extract. Full spectrum.

Sequoyalife CBD oil is a premium class extract, which significantly improves overall health & wellbeing of the mind and body.

A pure CBD oil, extracted in North America

Sequoyalife CBD oil is of the best possible quality and purity, that’s 100% organic and free of pesticides. Our cannabidiol oil is extracted from specially selected cannabis sativa strains with a high concentration of the cannabinoid Cannabidiol as well as being rich in terpenes with the aim of creating products with rich medicinal properties. We only work with specially selected North American ecological farms that do not mass produce but instead, use clean all natural farming methods and extract using the whole plant resulting in a full-spectrum CBD oil. The plants from which our products are derived are rich in phytocannabinoids and grown without using any toxic or chemical herbicides, pesticides or GMOs.

100% natural oil

Our CBD oils are produced using 100% natural methods and from all organic and ecological farms. The oil is extracted from cannabis plants which are grown without any chemical or toxic pesticides or herbicides and non-GMO strains. The oil does not contain any chemical or natural additives making it a 100% purely all-natural cannabis substance that’s also isolated from THC, hence it’s non-psychoactive. The plants are farmed using manual methods to ensure the utmost highest quality and purity of the product from seed to production and into the hands of our customers.

From specially selected ecological farms

Sequoyalife premium CBD oil comes from partnerships with selected ecological farms in Noth America, guaranteeing the highest possible natural purity. All of the cannabis strains we use are non-GMO and grown following strict ecological guidelines. We verify each farm for their strict use of non-chemical, organic farming methods & policies. The cultivation, growing & production process is overseen from seed to harvest an on to sale in order to ensure the highest CBD and terpene yield as well as the purest possible quality.

Clean extraction process:
Supercritical CO2 method

To obtain our high quality and pure CBD oil we use strictly non-chemical, clean CO2 extraction methods. This process ensures the raw CBD oil is as purely natural as possible and all plant terpenes maintain intact. A key component of the extraction process involves removing the plants psychoactive component, THC, to zero or below the legal limit of 0.2%. This process produces a pure CBD concentration containing the full spectrum of cannabinoids from the entire hemp plant. The end result is a non-psychoactive product that is safe and suitable for legal use.

Extracted from the whole plant:
(Full spectrum extract)

Sequoyalife's extracted oils benefit from the whole plant, maintaining the plant's full phytocannabinoid & terpene spectrum. This full cannabinoid spectrum means that it is much more effective than the isolated CBD found in other products. Ensuring a full spectrum of original plant compounds is essential to ensuring the plant's full effective properties. By extracting it in this way, we have been able to preserve its beneficial qualities and produce a uniquely effective product.


Extracted from the entire plant

Our CBD oils are of the highest quality because they have been sourced from the entire plant, preserving the richness of active cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. These natural ingredients can be easily absorbed and delivered to the endocannabinoid system, helping to maintain health and wellbeing.


Pure CBD

We produce a premium quality CBD oil, distinguishable by its pure extracted phytocannabinoids guaranteeing maximum effectiveness. It is a full spectrum hemp extract characterized by its rich properties and health benefits.

Despite the many rich substances found in full spectrum oil, our customers primarily pay for CBD. For this reason, we clearly label each bottle with its CBD content. Thanks to this, you can be reassured that the product is 100% safe and more effective than similar products on the market.

Recent CBD batch laboratory certificate

Our laboratory test results and quality assurance certificates are available to confirm the purity of our raw cannabidiol oils

How to choose your CBD (Cannabidiol) product
CBD product quality and brand credibility

If you want to be sure that you're buying CBD oil of the highest quality, it's important that it's been produced from organically grown, non-GMO hemp and extracted from the entire plant (full cannabinoid spectrum).

Another important factor is that the bottle is clearly marked with the accurate concentration of CBD. It is common for CBD hemp oil producers to give and inflated concentration of CBD on the packaging. Products available in Europe are often a mix of CBD (an active ingredient) together with CBDa (simply healthy acids). Only in small print on the back of the bottle, will you discover the actual CBD content. It often turns out that CBD is less than half of the concentrated amount first thought and the CBDa content has inaccurately been included as part of the full CBD concentrated amount!

It's always worth checking whether a producer has made their test certificates available and if the correct CBD, other cannabinoid, phytocannabinoid and terpene levels are reported there. Every trustworthy producer should possess such certificates from accredited institutes.

Sequoyalife CBD oil contains exactly the CBD concentration level that is printed on the bottle's label - 10% CBD means 1000mg CBD. That's why our oils are effective and stand out as high-end products.

CBD oil quality comparison

The best dosage method

Besides product quality, it is extremely important that doses are taken correctly and the product is kept clean and sterile. The majority of CBD products already on the market are sold in bottles which offer a pipette for dosing.

The pipette dosing method is not precise and can reduce product quality. The recommended method is by orally using a spray (also known as an atomizer).

The disadvantages of taking doses using a pipette 

  • With a pipette it is difficult to administer the exact number of required droplets. You cannot always be sure how many drops you've taken and there is a tendency to exceed the dosage.
  • Using a pipette can be unhygienic as it often touches the mouth. Saliva and bacteria can be transmitted from the mouth and into the bottle which contaminates the remaining oil.
  • Opening the bottle each time you take a dose allows a lot of oxygen to touch the oil which significantly reduces its quality (oxygen negatively affects all oils - the oxidation process).

Taking doses with a spray (atomizer)

  • A spray allows accurate doses
  • Using a spray avoids direct contact with the mouth.
  • It is not necessary to open a bottle during dosing, however, the oil is securely sealed inside.
We care about the harmony and health of even the smallest members of the family

Sequoyalife CBD oil for dogs and cats

Strength and health with nature's helping hand

Our top quality CBD oil for pets is a 100% natural and safe product, thanks to which your pet will enjoy vitality and strength!

Seqyuoalife CBD oil for pets is a 100% natural product made from hemp varieties grown organically on North American farms. This oil does not contain any psychoactive substances. The plants that we use have not been genetically modified and are cultivated without the use of GMOs, pesticides or herbicides.

Premium quality

Our CBD oil is a premium product that is both natural and effective. It consists of pure CBD extract which has been sourced from hemp varieties cultivated to very high standards. Thanks to the purity of the CBD extract, the product effectively activates the endocannabinoid system of animals responsible for internal balance, supporting the health and vitality of dogs and cats.

3% CBD, Full cannabinoid spectrum. Suitable for large or small dogs and cats. Administer doses appropriate to the size of your pet.

Hemp “cannabidiol” oil, 100% natural, extracted using the supercritical CO2 method. Does not contain psychoactive substances and has been produced from hemp grown without pesticides or GMOs.

For pets, we recommend using a pipette

In contrast to humans, it's better to give your pets their doses by using a pipette and adding it to their food. Animals will not necessarily enjoy the taste of natural hemp oil. Add the droplets of oil to your pets' food in one focused area.


Sequoyalife cannabidiol, a pure premium product for a healthy lifestyle


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